Our photography book, Levon and Kennedy: Mississippi Innocence Project was published in March 2018 by PowerHouse Books. Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer were both wrongfully convicted of two separate murders, which occurred 18 months apart. Levon was sentenced to life and spent 18 years in prison. Kennedy was sentenced to death and was imprisoned for 15. They were exonerated by the Innocence Project in 2008 with the help of DNA testing. After ten years of freedom, Levon Brooks died on January 24, 2018.

This project could not have existed without the support of  Levon and Kennedy and their families,  the Innocence Project, the Mississippi Innocence Project, Olivier Renaud-Clement, the SHOEN Foundation, PowerHouse Books and Meridian Printing.

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in August 2018, I started two new projects in New Mexico, and in the Mississippi Delta.

Glendora: Sing About Me is a three-fold documentary project, comprising analog photography, in situ interviews, and film. Glendora, a town of two hundred souls where Emmett Till was murdered in 1955, is located in Tallahatchie County, the poorest area in the Mississippi Delta. In the depth of hopeless economic despair, Glendora shares the isolation and extreme conditions of local rural communities.  Yet Mayor Johnny B. Thomas is leading an effort to restore its patrimony, identity and intellectual property through a Memory Project I am helping to implement.  Our documentary focuses on Glendora’s issues, the staggering level of poverty, and the correlation between poverty and memory loss.

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 Florida B. Smith, Glendora, Mississippi Delta.

Florida B. Smith, Glendora, Mississippi Delta.

 Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer, Macon, eastern Mississippi.

Levon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer, Macon, eastern Mississippi.